How I spent my summer

School is back in session and the smell of chalk, number two pencil shavings, and mimeograph chemicals fill the air. People are still using all of those things, no? What will kids reminisce about when they’re old? iPhone chargers, I suppose.

Anyhoodles, I recently lamented how much I miss the good old days of LiveJournal (you only though I was old when I mentioned the things above, now you know I am.) So I thought this is as good a time as any to dust off my corner of the internet and start writing again. Nothing deep here, and since I kind of use this site as a journal it may seem a bit “Hey, look at me…” So if this isn’t your thing just move along.  Continue reading

innocence + experience and then some

I’d been looking forward to the Arizona trip almost six months. The plan: visit my elderly mother a few days, reconnect with high school friends I haven’t seen in many years, and see two long-awaited U2 shows.

The day before the I departed, my mom fell and broke her hip. We spoke on the phone while she awaited surgery – things were serious, but seemed okay.

While I waited to board my flight the next morning, she died.

The rest of the summer has been a whirlwind – a blur of of unanswerable questions, stress, grief, and finally: choosing joy.

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But do I get to keep it?

You may not guess it from his seemingly prickly personality, but Big D is a real softie.

I can’t even express my surprise when my BFF Carey posted this message on my FaceBook wall last week:

D asked me to pass on a message to you, and I was thrilled to do it and speechless. This is one huge romantic gesture. You two are truly blessed. 

Here it is:

A long time ago, when I was in Flight School, E let me buy a boat. I told her I would name it after her. It’s a long story but the boat came and went without a proper name. This is my attempt to make up for that as I will retire soon. It’s time there is a properly named vessel in the fleet before I leave.

She posted a photo, and he sent me a few more. And I’m still crying on occasion when I think about it.

my plane
my plane

D & D

My sister wondered if he gets to bring it home? Will it fit in the garage?

And when I asked him… he pointed out that we can’t afford to fuel it and that our insurance likely doesn’t cover Army aircraft.

But its out there somewhere, and its mine.