Willkommen in Deutschland

We crossed the big pond and moved from Jacksonville Beach, Florida to Wiesbaden, Germany on March 10, 2010. Though it seems routine for families like ours, its not exactly normal to have everything you own boxed up by strangers at one location and delivered to you by different strangers on another continent.

Good bye, 5th Avenue North…
loading our bookcase

moving day
…Hello Virginiastraße.

Big D was so stressed the day our household goods were delivered that he tried to converse with our movers in Japanese. Too bad they were a bunch of Polish guys.

Looking through the first few sets of photos I took while we were getting acclimated is surprising. I was so excited, enthralled and enthused with all things German when we arrived – I took pictures of doorways, fountains, rooftops… While I’m glad I feel comfortable and as if I’m a local, I should really maneuver through my days with the wide eyes I had back when everything felt so new.

I found these in a folder called “Wiesbaden: first walk.”


Market Church

We bought a car, a GPS, and a guidebook and on the first Saturday we were in our apartment, we took a day trip. I’m fairly certain that given a cold, rainy weekend these days, we’d stay in our pajamas drinking coffee and watching mindless junk on Hulu rather than trekking to Heidelberg. This post has really reminded me to adventure locally.



2 thoughts on “Willkommen in Deutschland

  1. Willkommen zu Deutschland!
    I am a recent American transplant myself, from California, and your entry reminds me of my own first few days here. I came here with three large suitcases rather than what appears to be two trucks though, so I imagine your move was much more exhausting than mine haha. regardless- hope you’re finding the Vaterland to be as charming in it’s own foggy and somewhat old world romantic way as I am!

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