Not that kind of Diet

Second weekend here, second day trip.

For this adventure, we were joined by Big Ds friend and co-worker Mark, who stayed with us while he waited for his housing. So if you’re keeping track, we were here for less than two weeks before we hosted our first guest.

I was excited to check out Saint Peter’s Cathedral in Worms (pronounce Vaarms) since way back when, I wrote a paper on Martin Luther’s Diet of Worms, and I was not disappointed.

It was Easter Sunday and was cool and crisp when we arrived.
St. Peter's Cathedral

St. Peter's Cathedral

St. Peter's Cathedral

And by the time we headed out, it was about to storm.
near St. Peter's Cathedral

You’d think that I would have learned right away to be prepared for any type of weather since it changes so fast here. Yet I am still caught by surprise and never seem to have an umbrella with me.

On our way home, we stopped in nearby Darmstadt. The locals were participating in a bocce tournament complete with a pig roast. A plate of food must have been included in their fees since they weren’t selling any, but thanks to Mark’s beginner German skills, we somehow ended up with plates of delicious pork and cole slaw, which I do not like at all, but this was fantastic!

The Russian church was small compared to the cathedral we toured, but was just as beautiful in a whole different way.


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