Coming through the clouds in rays

You may recall my goal to work chronologically backwards in an effort to get caught up while also posting about current events. This one turned into a mix of the two…

Music is my lifeblood and I am beyond ridiculously fortunate when it comes to attending concerts during our time here.

Big D is extremely patient with me and my need to rock out in giant crowds (two things he hates: crowds, and crowds.) Yet he didn’t bat an eye when I set the alarm for an early December morning last year. It buzzed, I got up, logged on, and bought Pearl Jam tickets. I’m sure he breathed a sigh of relief when we realized his travel schedule conflicted with the show date and thus, he was off the hook.

I could go on and on about Pearl Jam….

I could tell you about the time my friend Karen and I were two of less than ten people in the Rockline Studios in Los Angeles when when Eddie and Stone performed the live debut of Footsteps. My face still hurts from smiling so big in a photo with Karen and Eddie, who was wearing the brown Corduroy jacket – on May 11, 1992.

Or about the time a guy named Corey told us to “Go to Warehouse records right now to get tickets for an unannounced show at the Empire Polo Fields in Indio.”  We did – on November 5, 1993.

Karen, Shannon and I (the Best Friends a Girl Could Ever Have™) read old Pearl Jam fanzines while we waited in line (for approximately 36 hours) to see Pearl Jam open on the final night of U2’s Vertigo tour in Honolulu – on December 9, 2006.

Karen, Shannon & me

Oh, and there’s lots, lots more.

I invited fellow music lover and Amsterdam resident Rachel, a friend I’ve known online for a while and had finally the pleasure of meeting this April, to join me for Tuesday’s show at the Ziggo Dome. We got there later than I anticipated, we were in the back, Rachel was drenched in beer, my feet were stepped on… And I loved every minute.

Pearl Jam

Pearl Jam

Pearl Jam

More pictures from the show are over on my Flickr page.

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