Fruit, veggies, cheese, flowers, and more

We have a lot of favorite things about Europe and near the top of that list: shopping at seemingly endless markets.

Last spring, Jen and I trekked to Alkmaar, Netherlands for a special cheese market which was a ton of fun:
Alkmaar Cheese Market

Alkmaar Cheese Market

Big D and I did not buy any of these at the Flower Market in Amsterdam:
no, we didn't buy any

The Pescheria, Venice’s Fish Market, was fascinating (and a little stinky!)

But my favorite is a a trip to Wiesbaden’s market, which makes any Wednesday or Saturday seem special.
Wiesbaden market



There’s something for everyone:

Stay tuned for Christmas Markets – they’ll get a post of their own! More market pictures are posted on Flickr.

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