Adventures with Angie: Dublin

Trying to sort out my thoughts to start this post is overwhelming – I still can not believe show much we crammed into two weeks. I think I’ll have to break it down into sections…

Angie arrived on Monday, August 6th. We drank coffee, she napped to conquer jet lag, we watched The Today Show together (In person! On my couch! Instead of via texts and e-mails as usual!) and eventually we wandered downtown for a stroll and dinner. The night was sign of things to come: Just lovely!

Wiesbaden Marktkirche

We were up early Tuesday, August 7th to meet with Jen & Gary so we could all catch a fight to Dublin. Jen did the itinerary planning and it was great to follow along rather than be the coordinator for a change.

After lunch (during which Gary and I enjoyed our first of many pints of Guinness) we wandered Grafton Street, and toured Trinity College to see the Book of Kells and the Long Room.

first of many pints

Trinity College

The Long Room, Trinity College, Dublin
Shhh! Photography is prohibited in the Long Room.

Next up was a quick visit to the Bonavox store (inspiration for a certain singer’s moniker), a trip to the Abbey Theater where Angie & I bought tickets for a play, a light dinner at the Oliver St. John Gogarty, and finally, a musical pub crawl. Two fun, engaging musicians performed at three pubs while explaining Irish music, theories, and traditions. We all really enjoyed it.

me at Bonavox

Musical Pub Crawl

Wednesday, August 8th found us up early for shopping, a visit to St. Patrick’s Cathedral and five hours at the Guinness Storehouse. Who knew we’d be there such a long time? Lunch, touring, learning to tap the perfect pint (Gary and I are certified now, so watch out!) and this, where I had “a moment.”

St Patrick's Cathedral

me, Gary & Jen

Gary learns to tap

After more shopping, Angie and I raced to the theater to see a compelling, sometimes confusing (thanks to the subject matter and the accents), and very entertaining production of The Plough and the Stars. We were worried that those seated around us could hear our stomachs growling during the final act… Midnight room service club sandwiches brought our Dublin adventures to a close. Recapping all of this reminds me just how exhausted we were.

A few hours later, after an early breakfast, we were on a train headed to Belfast for two more jam packed days. Stay tuned for more posts about the rest of our time together. For a preview, a giant set of photos from the whole two weeks is on Flickr.


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