friends keep the rock rolling

I just spent an hour working on a big, fat post about the amazing concert experiences I’ve had in the 2+ years we’ve been here. And then I deleted the whole damn thing.

Because when it comes down to it, the performances were all great. But it’s the whole package that matters. And what made each and every one special, memorable, and fantastic are my equally special and fantastic friends.

before Snow Patrol
Jen (and some strangers) – Snow Patrol, Glasgow

Jen & me on the outer rail
Jen – U2, Frankfurt

reunited and it feels so good
Ally – U2, Paris

soaked and exhausted, but ecstatic!
Ally – U2, Brussels

look: no scarves!
Jen – Green Day, Mainz

Obligatory Jen & me with beers at a concert photo :)
Jen – Papa Roach, Wiesbaden

Wiesbaden Bowling Green
Tricia – the Eagles, Wiesbaden

me & Barbara in the crowd
Barbara – Bon Jovi, Mannheim

me & Jen
Jen – Lenny Kravitz, Mannheim

Barbara & me ready to rock!
Barbara – Snow Patrol, Frankfurt

queueing for Snow Patrol in the rain
Tricia – Snow Patrol, Paris

pre show self portrait
Rachel – Pearl Jam, Amsterdam

me & Tricia
Tricia – Pearl Jam, Berlin

Hyde Park Opening Ceremony Celebration
Tricia, Jen & Gary – Olympics Opening Celebration, London

pre-show coctkails
Kirsten – Coldplay, Köln

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