Fletcher the Wonder Dog

Today’s post comes to you while Big D stretches across our brand new couch and I’m perched on the matching love seat. Not purchases we planned, but thanks to Fletcher, necessities. Earlier this week our four-legged family member was relaxing in comfortable style when he got sick, and ruined the couch we were trying to make last through our remaining time here. Luckily, finding replacement furniture wasn’t as big of a pain as I anticipated, and they were even on sale.

Our poor little guy is sick. I’ll spare you the details, but I had to wash our bedroom curtains at two o’clock this morning. And we had to sleep with the windows open though the overnight temperatures were in the low 30°s. The things we do for dog love.

I wish he could talk, so he could warn us when he’s not feeling well. But the look in his sweet eyes lets us know he appreciates how we take care of him.

It’s not just the people in our household adventuring in Europe – this dog gets around and has a lot of fun.

Fletch takes a dip
Taking a dip in the Wiesbaden Kurpark

Road trip!
Always ready for a road trip

Balcony dog
Enjoying the Alps

Hotel Zum Türken
Checking out Hotel Zum Türken in Berchtesgaden

relaxing at the hotel
Cillaxing in a hotel bar

poor Fletch wanted in on the action
Spying from our balcony

I scream, you scream...
Snacking during a neighborhood barbecue

What you can't tell in this fall photo is that IT IS SNOWING!
Crunching through some leaves yesterday

Joined by a friend...
We are all going to need naps this afternoon.

Entirely too many photos of our hilarious dog (like this old favorite) are on Flickr.
he looks happy?

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