So we are not doomed to repeat it

Big D and I took a weekend trip to Würzburg and Nürnberg in November 2010. They’re beautiful cities and we had a nice time strolling through both.

Würzburg Residenz
Würzburg Residenz

Alte Mainbrücke
Würzburg Altebrücke

St. Lawrence
St. Lawrence, Nürnberg

Hauptmarkt and Frauenkirche
Market at Nürnberg Frauenkirche

And then we spent time at the Documentation Center and the Nazi Party Rally Grounds.

Nürnberg Trial Jury Decision
Nürnberg Trial Jury Decision

Finding the rally grounds was difficult – the remaining section is at the back of a football arena parking area.

Zeppelin Field

Zeppelin Field
Big D at the Rally Grounds.

Here’s a link to a photo of how this exact spot looked in the 1940s. It really felt creepy being there, but I’m so glad we went.

And a side note:
I think it’s fitting I’m writing this post on the day of the United States presidential election. In my opinion, while flawed, ours is by far the best government. Citizens like me have the right to chose (and in our household, to disagree.) And once the results are final, we will not protest, there will not be violence, and we’ll get back to the business of trying to make tomorrow better for everyone.

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