Heaps of Sheep

I started this blog intending to recap our European adventures before we moved back to the States. I can’t believe we only have about 50 days remaining here! Looks like I’ll do some reminiscing from the other side of the pond.

And speaking of reminiscing…

Big D and I tagged along on a trip to Killarney, Ireland with Tricia and Lee over MLK weekend in 2011. We arrived early on a Friday morning and headed right to a pub for breakfast. And then we spent the day driving around the Dingle Peninsula:

me & Tricia on Inch Beach
Tricia and me at Inch Beach

Dingle Marina
Dingle Marina

Guinness is good for you!
I looked like this during most meals

Big D and Lee were quite patient and stopped our rental SUV every time Tricia and I wanted to take a million photos, which was every few kilometers. But it was worth all of that pausing!
Dingle Peninsula

Dingle Peninsula

Slea Head
Slea Head

I was especially excited to visit the Gallarus Observatory, one of my sister Kara’s favorite places:
Gallarus Oratory

The next day was rainy, but that didn’t stop us from exploring the Ring of Kerry:
Ring of Kerry Ladies view
Ladies View

Big D at Staigue Ring Fort
Big D at the Staigue Ring Fort

On Sunday, we trekked to Blarney and Kinsale:

Blarney Castle
I had no idea that the Blarney Stone is located at the top of the tower. And there was another new bit of information: kissing the stone doesn’t give you luck – it grants the gift of conversation. I think everyone would agree that I do not need any help in that area. Good thing, as there was no way in hell I was going to lay down to hang my head backwards so I could kiss a dirty rock. (Did I mention I expected it to be a beautiful emerald? Guess I should have done my homework…)

The town of Kinsale is beautiful and dinner there at a delightful restaurant called Fishy Fishy Cafe was so fantastic we bought their cookbook on our way out.
Kinsale Yacht Club
Kinsale Yacht Club

We spent our final day driving through the Gap of Dunloe and hiking to a waterfall in Killarney National Park:

Gap of Dunloe
Gap of Dunloe

It was fun to see the same view from a few days prior, this time with great weather:
Ladies View
Ladies View

Killarney National Park
Killarney National Park

Lee, me & Big D
Lee, me and Big D at the Torc Waterfall

We spent a lot of time laughing on this trip, and I kept notes on my iPhone. These may not make sense to you, but I’m going to post them for Big D, Tricia & Lee’s benefit:

  • Those are pretty small sheep. They must be for kid sized sweaters.
  • It’s hard to make a living if you’ve only got a dozen sheep. You must just stand there saying “grow” to them all day.
  • In order not to delete any of the heaps of sheeps, there’s a hedge at the edge of the ledge.
  • What if we saw a llama wearing a yarlmuke?
  • You want to sit on my lap and talk about… Wait, did he just say poptarts?
  • At the last pub I had the pope staring at me. Here it’s Jesus…
  • She’s 101 years old. So she’s not on Facebook? Nope, but she tweets like a MF’er…
  • *scrape* *scratch* “It’s a rental!”
  • Nope. That’s Scottish.

More photos from our fun weekend are over on Flickr.

One thought on “Heaps of Sheep

  1. First I love all the pictures so much, but love love the one with the lake, sheep and reflection, as well as the tree with the moss. To die for my love.

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