Final Europe post (for now)

I learned a lot of things in our three years in Germany. Please enjoy some handy tips I picked up along the way.

American Arms
Make the most of your accommodations – no matter how bad they stink, someone has had it worse than you.

Jen's olive pengins
A party just isn’t a party without Jen’s olive penguins.

poor Deaner!
Or until Deaner is on fire.

Angie & me
Make sure your BFF visits at least every six months.

what's better than one dotted bag? Two!
If one Riesenthel bag is good, two must be better!

snoozing in the GA line
Nap whenever you can. You’ll need the energy later.

which way to the castle??
Download your GPS updates or things could get confusing.

a house full of friends makes me happy!
Host parties, even if your apartment is tiny.

meanwhile, vandals broke into our bus
Don’t tempt thieves: keep your GPS and iPod out of sight.

snowball fight!
Play in the snow.

Lee got creative w/ Pretzels
Be creative.

Treat yourself like a Princess.

Pay close attention.

Gary and his breadstick plea for help
Ask for help.

Don't they look a little like Lady and the Tramp? Big D and @slyarch sharing a special moment :)

renaissance night
There are plenty of costume opportunities.

Deobrah & me

Big D, Brian & YMW
You might even see someone wearing a cape!

Yay! Ice Tony is here!!
Never pass up a visit from Eis Tony (he has booze in that truck!)

collar: popped!
Pop your collar.

Eric: the big winner
Cheat (but someone else will win anyway.)

The biggest kids to sit on his lap
You’re never too old to sit on Santa’s lap.

late night? Or early morning?
Late night laughs are the best.

uh oh...

Wiesbaden Wine Fest
You can never have too much fest food (or wine!)

There is no such thing as too much pottery.

Moose vs. Mousse
There is a difference between a moose and some mousse.

Zum Wohl!
It’s always the right time for some sekt.

Smile for the camera:

Team Virginia-Straße

Karin, Heather, Dana, Chasity & me

Greg, me & Dana

me & Heather

Virginia Straße Ladies plus one

Dinner at The Gallery Restaurant

Gary, Big D, Jen, me & Angie on the Rialto

Venice self portrait

looking good!

me, Jen, Kirsten & Fabiana

Sarah, Barbara & me

Big D and the ladies

Saturday shopping

It’s not home anymore, but we have fantastic memories and close friends regardless of geography. My heart is bursting thanks to all of you!


The survival tip I’ve come to live by: don’t dwell on the good-byes, anticipate the hellos.

One thought on “Final Europe post (for now)

  1. What a beautiful post, so many memories. You’ve made every minute last. Looking forward to seeing you soon hopefully!

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