Back on this side of the pond

Here’s a post to bring everything up to date so I can start being more timely!

We departed Germany the last week of March and spent a few weeks house hunting in Old Town, Alexandria, Virginia. It was stressful, but we eventually found just the right place. Big Ds sister Becky came to spend a quick day exploring with us:

me & Becky
me & Becky at the White House

And then after just 11 days in America we were off to Toronto, Canada for six weeks while D attended some training. We were in a (not so great) suburb and our less than ideal location plus the ridiculous temperatures (snow, in April!?) made me cranky. We took a day trip to Niagara Falls, and at the end of that day…I booked a ticket to St. Petersburg, Florida to visit my sister and to thaw out!

Because seriously. Which of the following would you prefer??
Chill D and Horeshoe Falls

St Petersburg

Fletch and I drove from Toronto to Alexandria in early May.

Yesterday's sunrise over Lake Ontario.
Sunrise over Lake Ontario

I spent a few days at my friend Jenny’s while I got organized and then finally: Moving Day!

Just for us! Well, we paid for it. But I think we are all set for Monday's move.

Moving Day
It was nerve-racking to see someone standing on everything we own!


I worked really hard for a solid week and suddenly I was unpacked, settled in, and ready to explore our new neighborhood:

Old Town Consignment Shop

The Majestic

Exploring our neighborhood


Captain's Row

And a few weeks later: Big D was back from his training, the final touches were added to our new place, and we hosted a little Housewarming Party.

Kerry, me, Becky

Big D and his sisters


Housewarming flowers.

Evie, me, and Tambour

We’ve already had a lot of fun and we have a long list of things we are excited to see, so stay tuned!

Watching the movers...

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