Happy Independence Day from DC

(Technically Virginia, but we’re close enough to see nation’s capital from here!)

We’ve been watching the PBS series John Adams the last week or so, and its fascinating. I highly recommend it!

pardon our dust
Scaffolding thanks to last year’s earthquake. Estimated completion: Spring 2014.

WWII Memorial
World War II Memorial

stopped by HQ

Abe Lincoln at a Washington Nationals baseball game

Big D at Mt Vernon
Big D at George Washington’s Mount Vernon (we attended a promotion ceremony there early Monday morning.)

Old Town, Alexandria

How did we celebrate holidays before Pinterest told us what to make? This was so easy!
As soon as our friends arrive we’ll celebrate the holiday with hotdogs, pasta salad, beers and this dessert – just as our founding fathers intended, I’m sure.

Had to improvise because of the brick, but its not Independence Day without bunting!
From our house to yours: Happy 4th of July!

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