Ready for Spring

I think about this poor, neglected blog often but put off writing since I don’t know where to pick up. Quickly:

The Polar Vortex had a direct affect on us when in the middle of a very cold January night, a sprinkler pipe froze and burst, flooding all four floors of our town home. Thankfully, our landlord was easy to work with and our insurance covered our expenses (though I don’t know how to submit a bill for my mental breakdown?)

The last six weeks were filled with packing, moving, unpacking, buying new furniture, navigating the insurance claim, and… more record-breaking cold weather. And for a change: I couldn’t blame the Army for any of my woes!

We’re settled in our new home. And while the neighborhood isn’t as great as the one we left (there’s not much within walking distance) the place itself is better: bigger, brighter, and has a gourmet kitchen!

Big D has traveled a few weeks since we’ve moved. And each time he leaves? We get a ton of snow. I’ve asked him not to go anywhere again until June…

One member of our family never seems to mind the winter, and Fletcher really enjoys exploring new parts of the trail that we now live near.

Potomac Greens Trail

The end of Daylight Saving Time and a few “warm” days (if you can call 50° warm?) really gave me my mojo back. Things look, and are starting to feel, sunny again.

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