Hometown tourists

We were lounging on the couch with big cups of coffee this morning when I turned off the television and declared today was the day we’d finally see the US Constitution at the National Archives – our attempt last summer was thwarted by a HUGE crowd and a mile-long line in the sun on a blistering day.

Today’s first stop was the Air Force Memorial:
Air Force Memorial

Air Force Memorial

Who knew the District’s St. Patrick’s Day Parade was this afternoon? All of the participants and crowds making their way to the parade route, that’s who. The detour took us past Union Station. I snapped this from the car window:

Union Station

We changed our plan (will we ever see the Constitution? Hopefully, the third time will be the charm?) and spent the afternoon at the Newseum

Berlin Wall
Berlin Wall section

Flight 105 engine
9/11 United Flight 175 engine

Richard Reid's passport
Richard Reid’s passport

On notice!
Indecision 2004!

Tim Russert's office
Tim Russert’s desk – a real highlight of the day for me. If it’s Sunday, it’s Meet the Press!

Stay Classy!
Ron Burgandy and Big D – You stay classy, DC!

We stopped by the Maine Street Fish Market on our way home. And now: time for dinner!


Tonight's dinner.

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