Nonstop giggles

Big D and I have been great friends with Jym & Carey since we met at Fort Rucker in 1996. We’ve been lucky enough to live near (and occasionally with) each other in Korea and back in good ol’ lower Alabama a few times throughout the years. Watching them parent and knowing their increasingly adorable and hilarious children is a constant privilege. And oh, those kids… there aren’t enough adjectives.

I trekked to their home in North Carolina last weekend:

dinner at Effie's Dos

We watched Jym & his unit depart for annual training –
'belle watches Papa depart

Here’s the hangar that hosted Big D’s redeployment ceremony ten (!) years ago:

We visited Yates Mill County Park, where the kids were good sports and posed for some fun pictures:
Yates Mill County Park

Yates Mill County Park

And James impressed us with his photography skills:
Photo Credit: James

We laughed our way through the weekend thanks to things like this:

James: “Our neighbor had to have a mouth operation.”
Isabelle: “And he woke up during the amnesia!”

while discussing the next school year…
Isabelle: “She’s changing schools. Next year, she’s going to Saint Mary Macadamia.”

and on the topic of Vacation Bible School:
Mama: “But you had such a great time. Please explain why you don’t want to go again?”
James: “Because! I went last year! I learned it all!”

Can’t wait to see them again in less than a month!

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