January wrap up

I’m really not interested in taking a rainy dog walk and I’m procrastinating on work stuff. Instead, here’s what happened last month:

January was warm, until it wasn’t.
Unseasonably warm weather really confusing the Cherry Trees on our street.

That Pansy is no pansy.

I saw a great show – Camper Van Beethoven and Cracker – with some new friends.Cracker

Big D and I had a fun time showing Flat James around town:National Mall Reflecting pool

And we got a lot of chores done:
Cobra bath.

Most importantly, I really concentrated on getting healthy in the new year. And I’m happy to report that eating healthy and drinking a lot less now feel routine. It’s actually fun to check my FitBit at the end of each day.








Here’s to February, which promises lots of work, an equal amount of fun, and a 10K run. This month also brings the start yet another deployment – keep those thoughts and prayers coming!

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