Deployment day

We’ve been through this routine before – Big D heads to “the sandbox” frequently. But this time feels different since we don’t know when he’ll return, though the Orders say 179 days or less. Of course, Orders can be be amended (his first Afghanistan deployment lasted 18 months instead of a year, and six months in Iraq turned into 12.)

Most Soldiers deploying as individuals go Ft. Bliss, TX to prepare (medical visits, gear issue, etc.) and depart from there. Someone from D’s office worked some magic and he got to come home for a day before taking a commercial flight.

I woke up much earlier than usual – pink light filled our room. I peeked out to this:

Breakfast started out with favorites from Sugar Shack (yes, that’s bacon on a donut!)
Sugar Shack perfection

After some paperwork, we packed.
fine print
strange conversation to have on Valentine’s Day…

Operation Freedom's Sentinel

lucky charm
Guy Smiley – a lucky charm of sorts – has flown with D with since 1999



After a dog walk and some quick errands we had an early dinner and tried to watch a movie, but there was a definite elephant in the room.

dog walk
Dog walk selfie

First course from our @societyfair Date Night Bag - heart shaped Coeur de Bray with preserves. Creamy and delicious.
Fancy cheese before dinner

And when we opened the front door to meet the car service the crazy winter squall arrived!

No lingering long, farewell in this weather – just a quick hug and kiss

At the end of the day, I hang something on the front door knob to remind me the burglar alarm is activated. So when I stuck this glove there after his departure I had to laugh since it accurately represented my feelings:
bugler alarm reminder

This morning, my weary traveler FaceTimed me from our favorite hotel in Germany.

I made it through my first solo night, just like I will make it through all of them. And now, we’re one day closer being back together.

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