But do I get to keep it?

You may not guess it from his seemingly prickly personality, but Big D is a real softie.

I can’t even express my surprise when my BFF Carey posted this message on my FaceBook wall last week:

D asked me to pass on a message to you, and I was thrilled to do it and speechless. This is one huge romantic gesture. You two are truly blessed. 

Here it is:

A long time ago, when I was in Flight School, E let me buy a boat. I told her I would name it after her. It’s a long story but the boat came and went without a proper name. This is my attempt to make up for that as I will retire soon. It’s time there is a properly named vessel in the fleet before I leave.

She posted a photo, and he sent me a few more. And I’m still crying on occasion when I think about it.

my plane
my plane

D & D

My sister wondered if he gets to bring it home? Will it fit in the garage?

And when I asked him… he pointed out that we can’t afford to fuel it and that our insurance likely doesn’t cover Army aircraft.

But its out there somewhere, and its mine.

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