Three months gone

Time is crawling and flying all at the same time. Big D deployed on Valentine’s Day and if all goes as planned – here’s a first! – he’ll be home soon! Much earlier than expected!

I’m trilled (of course!) and I’m so thankful for great friends that helped me pass the time.

(final?) snow day
Winter just went on and on and on and…

Marcia, Ed and me
Eventually, I had to escape to Florida. So great to surprise my sister, catch up with our good friend Ed, and spend time with Carey, Granny, and the kiddos (who were also fleeing the never-ending freeze.)


Once the freezing stopped, the rain and dreariness started.

Rock 'n' Roll DC
Angie, Tracy, and I ran the Rock ‘n’ Roll DC Half Marathon. In the rain. Uphill, both ways. This was the only non-miserable moment of the entire race.

The next weekend, Angie and I met up in Boston to see an evening of Deep Talk and Shallow Tales with Anderson Cooper and Andy Cohen. And it was awesome:
Deep talk and shallow tales. #AC2

I spent a fantastic day volunteering with Honor Flight. And so should you! Look up your local area’s organization. You will be so glad you did!

Bob & me Bob at the National World War II Memorial

I cheered for the Nationals with Karen, a co-worker who was happy with the Mets victory:
Nationals vs Mets

And I spent a delightful weekend eating, drinking, and touring the city with my sister-in-law and niece:
Lincoln MemorialLibrary of Congress

I was thrilled to attend the Africare CODA dinner with African Well Fund board members Diane and Julie (and I’m counting the days until I see them at some upcoming U2 shows!)
Diane, Julie and me

And I made a superfast trip to Raleigh, NC to see Eric Church with Carey.
Carolina Outsiders 🎸 Eric Church

Like last Spring, I toured the White House Garden – that stuff does not get old.
White House Garden Social

One of my favorite bands, Roger Clyne & the Peacemakers, rocked Falls Church last week:

And the weekend was topped off with a Macaroon making class with Tricia and friends, followed by a delicious dinner at wonderful French restaurant
Chef Wendi James checks our progress

Is there a better way to finish up a macaroon class? No. Escargot

I’ve also spent a lot of time with Eileen, a neighbor who has really helped me make it through my time alone. We binged House of Cards, cooked dinners, caught some movies, and generally just hung out. And its been great having new friend.
Crystal City Friday 5K

Of course it hasn’t all been fun and games. But who wants to read about the mundane? I am overwhelmed with work – “Pile it on” I said, “he’s away and I’ve got the time…” – so now its a frenzy. And there is much to do before the big welcome home.

As always, I’m thankful for all of it.

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