If last week’s Jaguar’s playoff game was all about Marcia thanks to the Steelers, this week is all about Kara, as we take on that team from Boston who’s name I will not utter.

I scanned our LiveJournal posts (related: I’m old. At least it wasn’t MySpace?) looking for AFC Championship Kara/Sash trash talk but those were the days before hashtags, so no luck. 😦 But that search lead to reading old conversations and whewwww boy, am I thankful for all those interactions! Kara was ridiculously smart, quick-witted, and sarcastic. Her online moniker? clever_name.

Anyway… When I lost our first AFC Championship bet I was doomed to post a photo of myself wearing her team’s shirt. But when she sent that bright red thing, I just couldn’t do it and posted a photo of our sweet little dog Charlie sporting it instead. His back was turned to the camera – even he was mortified to wear their logo. I’ve searched and searched but can not come up with that picture. Trust me: it’s funny.

Subsequent years brought The One Dollar Bet. When I had to pay up, I adorned my dollar with Peyton’s picture. When she lost, Kara noted George looks a bit like Martha Washington and included how much she missed Adam Vinatieri, who was traded from her team to mine.

AFC bet

I’m not sure how Marcia ended up with it, but my Colts dollar hung on her office bulletin board for years. I’m so glad Bill was okay with me bringing it home.

And now if the Jaguars can just bring home a victory…

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