How I spent my summer

School is back in session and the smell of chalk, number two pencil shavings, and mimeograph chemicals fill the air. People are still using all of those things, no? What will kids reminisce about when they’re old? iPhone chargers, I suppose.

Anyhoodles, I recently lamented how much I miss the good old days of LiveJournal (you only though I was old when I mentioned the things above, now you know I am.) So I thought this is as good a time as any to dust off my corner of the internet and start writing again. Nothing deep here, and since I kind of use this site as a journal it may seem a bit “Hey, look at me…” So if this isn’t your thing just move along. 


We joined a boat club


Shared time and lots of laughs with family in Michigan


Oh hi, Adam Clayton!
Went to a ton of concerts:
U2, Billy Idol, Foo Fighters, 30 Seconds to Mars, Līve, Counting Crows, Matt Nathanson, and O.A.R, all just since June!
Ticketmaster: Taking all of my money. Big D: a very patient guy.


After a knee injury slowed me down, I finally started running again.


Took an impromptu road trip to catch up with my sister’s former coworkers.

We hosted lots of house guests.


Cut five inches off my Chewbacca-like mop, got reading glasses, and survived a minor health scare unscathed (for which I am very grateful.)


We spent a LOT of time in the back yard grilling, floating, reading (Hey! Let’s be GoodReads friends!), and battling it out on Tiki Toss (This is not a paid endorsement. But if you’re reading, Tiki Toss executives: We should be your new spokespeople!)


I snapped a ridiculous amount of Linus photos.


And after all of the hubbub of last year, I enjoyed Florida being Florida.

That’s it for now – sure hope to be here more often.

What have YOU been doing?

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