Vacation? Or Weekend?

We love our friends and our adventures, but Big D and I were excited to have a few days with no guests, plans, or obligations. Our weekend To Do List: replace a burned out kitchen lightbulb, give Fletch a bath, and re-arrange living room furniture.

We spent Friday night on our tiny balcony, and later on the couch, with some wine.

Saturday afternoon we toured Port City Brewing with friends, and then took a nap. Then we spent time on our tiny balcony, and later on the couch, with some wine.

There are worse ways to spend a Saturday afternoon.

Yesterday we kayaked at National Harbor, ate a late brunch, and cruised around in the Cobra. We walked over to the Dangerfield Marina to watch the sun set. And then, we spent time on our tiny balcony, and later on the couch, with some wine.


Kayking at National Harbor

Kayak view.

Sure, there’s work, and Army stuff, and blah, blah, blah. And there are tough things going on when it comes to the health of our aging family members. But most of the time: I’m ridiculously lucky, and know it. That’s not bragging, because I realize what a charmed life I lead and am SO VERY thankful. Other than going for a run, Big D and I were together more than 48 hours. We were both sad when it was time to head in separate directions this morning. And after 20 years together, I think that’s really saying something.

And now, we really need to get to that To Do List. Right after we spend time on our tiny balcony, and later on the couch, with some wine.

so much for getting a Christmas card photo
So much for trying to snap a Christmas Card photo.

Reunited and it feels so good!

One great thing about the Army lifestyle is the friends we meet along the way.  An equally terrible thing is that eventually, we all say good-bye to each other when its time to move to the next duty station.

It seems too good to be true:  our very good friends from Germany just moved less than two miles from us – our new neighborhood is their new neighborhood!

Tricia and I have been to eight countries together in the three years we’ve known each other. I think it’s funny that we just snapped our first photo together in America last week:

Our first time together in America!

She and her husband Lee got here just in time to help me retrieve Fletcher from the vet and kept me company during his first week of recovery from major surgery.


Last night Big D and I corralled the dog and headed over to their house for dinner. It was just like old times: great food and drinks (potent margaritas, and we had too many!) lots of laughs, and for the first time ever: a total dessert failure!

We were trying to make these:

Things started out as planned:
not our best dessert effort

And it all seemed to be going fine:
not our best dessert effort

But somehow (perhaps the aforementioned drinks?) we ended up with these:
not our best dessert effort

And this:
Not every dessert plan works out.

Messy and ugly, but they tasted great!

not our best dessert effort

Today, while our dudes relaxed (read: slept off the previous night’s drinks) Tricia and I walked a few miles of the Mount Vernon Trail.

Jones Point

Jones Point

Its great to be in the same city with our friends! Who knows what trouble we’ll get into here?


Happy Independence Day from DC

(Technically Virginia, but we’re close enough to see nation’s capital from here!)

We’ve been watching the PBS series John Adams the last week or so, and its fascinating. I highly recommend it!

pardon our dust
Scaffolding thanks to last year’s earthquake. Estimated completion: Spring 2014.

WWII Memorial
World War II Memorial

stopped by HQ

Abe Lincoln at a Washington Nationals baseball game

Big D at Mt Vernon
Big D at George Washington’s Mount Vernon (we attended a promotion ceremony there early Monday morning.)

Old Town, Alexandria

How did we celebrate holidays before Pinterest told us what to make? This was so easy!
As soon as our friends arrive we’ll celebrate the holiday with hotdogs, pasta salad, beers and this dessert – just as our founding fathers intended, I’m sure.

Had to improvise because of the brick, but its not Independence Day without bunting!
From our house to yours: Happy 4th of July!