Market Trifecta

Silly me, I thought when we left Europe that markets would be few and far between. I couldn’t have been more wrong – we hit three today!

The morning started out just a few blocks from home, at the Alexandria Farmers Market:

Alexandria Farmers Market

Alexandria Farmers Market

Next up was the Eastern Market / Capitol Hill Flea Market in DC:

Eastern Market

Eastern Market

Our last stop was the Maine Avenue Fish Market:

Maine Ave Fish Market

they were wiggling
These blue crabs were wiggling!

Maine Ave Fish Market

Maine Ave Fish Market Maine Ave Fish Market

We’ll be dining on fresh food, surrounded by vases of fresh flowers for the next few days. Join us!

Reunited and it feels so good!

One great thing about the Army lifestyle is the friends we meet along the way.  An equally terrible thing is that eventually, we all say good-bye to each other when its time to move to the next duty station.

It seems too good to be true:  our very good friends from Germany just moved less than two miles from us – our new neighborhood is their new neighborhood!

Tricia and I have been to eight countries together in the three years we’ve known each other. I think it’s funny that we just snapped our first photo together in America last week:

Our first time together in America!

She and her husband Lee got here just in time to help me retrieve Fletcher from the vet and kept me company during his first week of recovery from major surgery.


Last night Big D and I corralled the dog and headed over to their house for dinner. It was just like old times: great food and drinks (potent margaritas, and we had too many!) lots of laughs, and for the first time ever: a total dessert failure!

We were trying to make these:

Things started out as planned:
not our best dessert effort

And it all seemed to be going fine:
not our best dessert effort

But somehow (perhaps the aforementioned drinks?) we ended up with these:
not our best dessert effort

And this:
Not every dessert plan works out.

Messy and ugly, but they tasted great!

not our best dessert effort

Today, while our dudes relaxed (read: slept off the previous night’s drinks) Tricia and I walked a few miles of the Mount Vernon Trail.

Jones Point

Jones Point

Its great to be in the same city with our friends! Who knows what trouble we’ll get into here?


Back on this side of the pond

Here’s a post to bring everything up to date so I can start being more timely!

We departed Germany the last week of March and spent a few weeks house hunting in Old Town, Alexandria, Virginia. It was stressful, but we eventually found just the right place. Big Ds sister Becky came to spend a quick day exploring with us:

me & Becky
me & Becky at the White House

And then after just 11 days in America we were off to Toronto, Canada for six weeks while D attended some training. We were in a (not so great) suburb and our less than ideal location plus the ridiculous temperatures (snow, in April!?) made me cranky. We took a day trip to Niagara Falls, and at the end of that day…I booked a ticket to St. Petersburg, Florida to visit my sister and to thaw out!

Because seriously. Which of the following would you prefer??
Chill D and Horeshoe Falls

St Petersburg

Fletch and I drove from Toronto to Alexandria in early May.

Yesterday's sunrise over Lake Ontario.
Sunrise over Lake Ontario

I spent a few days at my friend Jenny’s while I got organized and then finally: Moving Day!

Just for us! Well, we paid for it. But I think we are all set for Monday's move.

Moving Day
It was nerve-racking to see someone standing on everything we own!


I worked really hard for a solid week and suddenly I was unpacked, settled in, and ready to explore our new neighborhood:

Old Town Consignment Shop

The Majestic

Exploring our neighborhood


Captain's Row

And a few weeks later: Big D was back from his training, the final touches were added to our new place, and we hosted a little Housewarming Party.

Kerry, me, Becky

Big D and his sisters


Housewarming flowers.

Evie, me, and Tambour

We’ve already had a lot of fun and we have a long list of things we are excited to see, so stay tuned!

Watching the movers...