One Crazy Summer

Good grief, what a summer! We had a lot planned, and fit most of it in with a few twists.

My elderly mom, who lives in Arizona, was hospitalized and eventually transitioned into an Assisted Living Facility. So far, I’ve made two unexpected (both very stressful) week-long trips to the surface of the sun.

She's shrinking, and I'm exhausted. But here's a snap before we said farewell this morning.

One more.

Big Ds cousin and his wife visited for a long weekend:

Big Ds brother dropped in for a fast overnight visit:
And away they go...

There was BIG excitement here when Germany won the World Cup.

Here we go!!

Big D’s sister and our niece visited for a long weekend – we had a blast hitting some tourist sites I hadn’t yet explored, including Madame Tussaud’s:
We tried to warn Abe...

Jen, my BFF from Germany, made two visits. During the first, we ran a fun 5K, and toured around (so if you’re keeping track, I visited the Lincoln Memorial every Sunday for a month!)

We're ready to run!


Somehow, I squished in a trip to Raleigh, NC to see a Matt Nathanson and Gavin DeGraw concert with our other BFFs (and even managed to stay an extra day.)
pre-show selfie

And we got to meet Matt after the show:
Carey, Matt, Jym & me

I was lucky enough to spend a few minutes with Matt in Frankfurt a few years ago, and he was just as kind and hilarious when Carey, Jym and I met up with him this time around.

Last weekend our whole Germany gang and our constant travel companion Angie were reunited for the first time in years. Thanks to the Army, our time together was far too brief, but it was great to be together!
the whole gang

Big D is talking, not frowning. But this is the only non-blurry photo snapped at Bryan HQ.

Jen, me, Tricia & Angie

And to cap it all off: Jen, Tricia, and I trekked to Baltimore where more fun (and many beers) were had. Yes, this was my third concert in a week.

Gavin DeGraw

Tricia, Matt & me
Tricia finally got to meet Matt, too!

And now, our house is so quiet that its eerie. I’m looking forward to our first weekend in ages (nine weeks?) without a single plan.  As always, tons more pictures than you’ll probably care to see from everything I mentioned are over on my Flickr page.

I need a nap.

Market Trifecta

Silly me, I thought when we left Europe that markets would be few and far between. I couldn’t have been more wrong – we hit three today!

The morning started out just a few blocks from home, at the Alexandria Farmers Market:

Alexandria Farmers Market

Alexandria Farmers Market

Next up was the Eastern Market / Capitol Hill Flea Market in DC:

Eastern Market

Eastern Market

Our last stop was the Maine Avenue Fish Market:

Maine Ave Fish Market

they were wiggling
These blue crabs were wiggling!

Maine Ave Fish Market

Maine Ave Fish Market Maine Ave Fish Market

We’ll be dining on fresh food, surrounded by vases of fresh flowers for the next few days. Join us!

Happy Independence Day from DC

(Technically Virginia, but we’re close enough to see nation’s capital from here!)

We’ve been watching the PBS series John Adams the last week or so, and its fascinating. I highly recommend it!

pardon our dust
Scaffolding thanks to last year’s earthquake. Estimated completion: Spring 2014.

WWII Memorial
World War II Memorial

stopped by HQ

Abe Lincoln at a Washington Nationals baseball game

Big D at Mt Vernon
Big D at George Washington’s Mount Vernon (we attended a promotion ceremony there early Monday morning.)

Old Town, Alexandria

How did we celebrate holidays before Pinterest told us what to make? This was so easy!
As soon as our friends arrive we’ll celebrate the holiday with hotdogs, pasta salad, beers and this dessert – just as our founding fathers intended, I’m sure.

Had to improvise because of the brick, but its not Independence Day without bunting!
From our house to yours: Happy 4th of July!