How I spent my summer

School is back in session and the smell of chalk, number two pencil shavings, and mimeograph chemicals fill the air. People are still using all of those things, no? What will kids reminisce about when they’re old? iPhone chargers, I suppose.

Anyhoodles, I recently lamented how much I miss the good old days of LiveJournal (you only though I was old when I mentioned the things above, now you know I am.) So I thought this is as good a time as any to dust off my corner of the internet and start writing again. Nothing deep here, and since I kind of use this site as a journal it may seem a bit “Hey, look at me…” So if this isn’t your thing just move along.  Continue reading

Nonstop giggles

Big D and I have been great friends with Jym & Carey since we met at Fort Rucker in 1996. We’ve been lucky enough to live near (and occasionally with) each other in Korea and back in good ol’ lower Alabama a few times throughout the years. Watching them parent and knowing their increasingly adorable and hilarious children is a constant privilege. And oh, those kids… there aren’t enough adjectives.

I trekked to their home in North Carolina last weekend:

dinner at Effie's Dos

We watched Jym & his unit depart for annual training –
'belle watches Papa depart

Here’s the hangar that hosted Big D’s redeployment ceremony ten (!) years ago:

We visited Yates Mill County Park, where the kids were good sports and posed for some fun pictures:
Yates Mill County Park

Yates Mill County Park

And James impressed us with his photography skills:
Photo Credit: James

We laughed our way through the weekend thanks to things like this:

James: “Our neighbor had to have a mouth operation.”
Isabelle: “And he woke up during the amnesia!”

while discussing the next school year…
Isabelle: “She’s changing schools. Next year, she’s going to Saint Mary Macadamia.”

and on the topic of Vacation Bible School:
Mama: “But you had such a great time. Please explain why you don’t want to go again?”
James: “Because! I went last year! I learned it all!”

Can’t wait to see them again in less than a month!