Germans grow asparagus underground in plastic covered mounds to stop photosynthesis from occurring. Their methods result in a mild, sweet flavor.

Mainz Market

Who would guess that asparagus would have such an affect on our time here? Well, kind of…

The Wiesbaden Community Spouses Club is the oldest military affiliated private organization in our area. I had no idea when our neighbor Dana invited me to attend one of their activities how the day would set the stage for our time here. Spargel picking? I wasn’t quiet sure what spargel was, or what picking it would be like. But sure, why not!?

The “work” of finding, digging up, and collecting baskets of vegetables shaped like… well… you know… really had us laughing.

Spargel picking

A bunch of ladies climbed into Dana’s van armed with rubber gloves and extra shoes and headed to the fields. Jen and I were acquaintances when we headed out and we were friends when we returned home.
Jen Spargel picking

A review of my journal for notes on this day surprised me!  That same afternoon, while I planted flowers in window boxes, our upstairs neighbor shouted down to invite me to dinner. I didn’t know her name, but as you’ll read in the posts to come, Tricia’s dinner invitation was the start of a fantastic friendship, too.

Vegetables bring the people together!